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Lola Sasturain aka
Dj Dolare$ is a 28  years old dj, screenplay writer and journalist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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“Graduated in the Buenos Aires University of Architecture and Design, words and dancing  were always my true passions and área of expertise. I worked on manCurrently, I write about music, cinema and pop culture in Pagina 12 (the third newspaper in Argentina by popularity) and Vice Argentina. I started working at The Roxy on 2013 as PR just because I needed the money and my Friends who dj there saw potential in me and started teaching me how to dj. I started mixing in rock and roll and indie parties to finally finding my own style mixing electropop, global hits, 90s eurodanceand electro along british rave, dubstep, DnB and all those crazy – noisy heavy beats. I worked at lots of mainstream venues and parties in Buenos Aires like The Roxy live, Niceto Club and Club Severino but I’m owner (along with my partners, three of my best Friends) at Vispera, a freak pop party in where I feel at my best dj’ing. In Vispera we try to recreate the house party vibe (our favourites), it’s cheap, it’s cozy and it’s insane. And we love it and people love it too. At the moment, I´m learning to produce electronic music and working on my own tracks. It’s hard, but I love every part of the process.”

“Deconstructed mainstream with an indie approach would be a good way to describe my sets and most of the things I create. I love music that hits the pleasure centers and I find very trascendental and sacred that space in where we are not being productive and we are not trying to pretend anything: the space of the party, the collective euphoria between lots of people just dancing.”

“The unpretentious part, the just for fun, the pure enjoyment with no second meanings are the things I love the most about parties, and that kind of parties are the ones I love the most. It’s psychical, it’s primal, it’s animal. Thats why I love pop music and I think of it as serious shit. They are like sugar, they make you happy, and if you splash a Little bit of sugar into a freakier beat, everything turns seriously amazing.”

“I grew up to punk rock, new wave and alternative and indie rock from the 90s. When I discovered electronic  music my world went upside down. Now I care a lot more of rythm and texture than melodies. I play music that I love to dance to and I never, ever, stopped dancing. For me, making people dance is a very Deep non verbal way of sharing love.”

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