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Ludmila Szulinska – Born in 1993 in Warsaw. Culture Scientist, currently a graduate student at the Photography Department of the BTK in Berlin. Her interests focus on the secrets of the female body. Her fascination with bodily imperfections results from her previous experience in fashion photography and the disease she has been struggling with since her earliest years. He searches for unobvious beauty in people and places.

Flaw/Less project:

The Flaw/Less project focuses on the beauty of women, which is contained in their bodies. However, this is not an obvious beauty – the bodies of women in the pictures have their secrets – wounds.  Their scars are the memory of the body of difficult experiences – however, in order to love oneself, one has to accept them. For most of the heroines in my photos scars are more than a sign on the body. It is a kind of story, a memory. Girls wear them without complexes, like jewelry, they are not ashamed of them. My previous experience with fashion photography creating the unreal world, as well as my personal history encouraged me to show the beauty of women diverging from the media canon. The women I met helped me to accept myself – the way to discover the feminine power within me is to accept my own weaknesses.

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