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Sheridan & Nicole have been best friends since they were 14 years old.
They both have a shared love for art and so they created an instagram (@1.800.artsluts) that is a collective of the multi-media art that they create.


What would be your message to young girls around the globe?

Nicole: Don’t be afraid to take up space. Show up for yourself, know what you’re worth, and don’t accept anything less. GRL PWR!!!

Sheridan: Know who you are & love who you are. Never let anyone make you feel like you can’t do what you want to do.


What social / political issues are the most important to you?

Nicole: Gender equality. Racial equality. LGBTQ equality. The world would be a lot better place if we could all show a little more empathy towards each other.

Sheridan: TRUE equality for women, LGBTQ & PoC.



What keeps you sane in this insane world?

Nicole: Staying active, and focusing on things I love like art, music, friends & family. Also just knowing how to laugh things off and have fun, and not take everything so seriously. 

Sheridan: Making art and being with friends/family.


What do you see as your biggest challenge?

Nicole: Self-doubt. But art has really helped me to learn how to just trust myself and get out of my comfort zone. 

Sheridan: Juggling a full-time job while trying to stay creative.


What makes you feel at home?

Nicole: Friends, family, and my dog!

Sheridan: My boyfriend and doggy 🙂



Film/Tv show recommendation

Nicole: Portlandia, The OA, Handmaid’s Tale, Girls, Friends From College, You, Channel Zero.

Sheridan: Mid90s. Insecure. Shameless. Almost Famous. The Inbetweeners. Comedy Specials. Portlandia. Love Island!! lol. Alpha Dog. 

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 Inteview by: Dārta Treimane
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Feminist Platform & Millenial Activism

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