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Muriel Bruschi is a documentary photographer born in Argentina in 1992.
She Studied photography in Andy Goldstein and she is also a Dog Trainer.


What inspires you?

Tearing down beauty stereotypes, inclusion, people I admire for doing what they truly love.

What would be your message to young girls around the globe?

There are few people who teach you to love and be confident in your own skin.
If you’re lucky enough, you’ll meet them.
But if you don’t, you’ll have to learn it yourself. No matter what.
Surround yourself with people who elevate you, be responsable.
Don’t you ever, ever, ever, put somebody else’s desire above your own, discovering yourself is the healthiest way to build empathy. 

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

Not thinking about what the future will bring.

Fun fact about you

I’m also a dog trainer!

Tell us more about Godfrey, how did you meet him, where, when, how this video happened?

I rented an apartment in NY in 2015 for a month. 
One day as I was running down the stairs to head out, he was slowly taking his time to do so. 
I asked him if he needed any help and he told me “no honey, maybe I’ll fall and they’ll have to pay me insurance”
That was all it took from him for me to want to take his picture. So I asked him, and he accepted.
The next day I knocked on his door and I never stopped until I had to leave. 
He told me lots of interesting stories, about his life, his good (and only) friend, Froggy and the old East Village, so I decided to record him.
He was Puerto Rican, funny, alcoholic and alone.
I tried to call him several times, but he never answered.

If you would have to send an art piece/human/ invention to an intergalactic competition to represent Earth, what would you choose?

Service dogs!

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Feminist Platform & Millenial Activism

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