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Ezequiel Spadaro is an Argentinian photographer based in Buenos Aires.
He is involved in the queer scene of this city, sometimes like a photographer and occasionally like a performer.


 “I started working as a photographer in fashion editorial some years ago.
Through the years I found out that I could connect my profession with my passion: unconventional creative ideas in fashion style.”


“With queer models I feel more free to break the genre patterns.
We are free to explore, there is nothing that we can’t do. Sexuality is not a problem.
Woman, man, non-binary.
We are humans and that’s the best part of this!”

“My favorite Drag Queen is Sharon Needles, dark humor, pushing the limits on her performances and a really polished look. I love Alaska too, hiiiiiiiii.”


“It’s always important to respect your models, to have previous conversations and know actually which are their boundaries. In that way, I can show the most beautiful side of the things that I observe in the way that I know.”


My Drag name is Silver Haze. Guess why? 🙂



If you want to follow his work 👇✨



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