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Zahra Luengo, 1985 Cádiz, Spain.
Zahra professional work began in 2011 (Leon, SP). While she was finishing her degree in Printing Arts and Graphic Design she joined the occupied social center “La Nave”. There she found her first studio where she’s currently developing the itinerant project “OVERLAYER”. She collects public advertisements and experiments with layering them. This has an archeological character and is a means of uncovering historical information.
Based in Collage and Dècollage, trying to decipher the hidden message of the city through the walls of the streets. Bringing an universe near of the citizen and raising a dynamic collection of fragments of reality interlaced in the urban space.
Since 2013 her studio is based in Berlin, where she continues to develop her artistic career by her acute observational nature around different geographies. This devotion to research the streets and look for publicity and advertisements has allowed her to truly find her own language and growth as an artist.

“Love at subatomic scale”, a series of collages.

“Here there’s parallelisms among Nature and Intelligence, in which I consolidate analogies between Nature and Soul. Building a fundamental unity: Nature drifts to the Spirit, the spirit drifts back to the Nature.
Reshaping silhouettes from the media culture to been redefined and reinterpreted. Exploring this medium for the creation into a new metaphysics re-vision, science and abstraction like a mixture of archival documentation and charming collision of landscapes and portraits.”

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