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Gia Energia is a European-born, American-raised freelance writer that can’t get enough of hustling words. She has been writing professionally for over a decade, ever since she was plucked out of her front-row seat at college and thrown into the editorial office of a cultural magazine. She subsequently graduated valedictorian.

“After studying Journalism, I was a copywriter for a few local advertising agencies and startups. For one of the jobs, I researched and wrote a book that was launched both in Romania and in Switzerland, about the fascinating stories behind Bucharest’s Old Town. I was 22 when it happened. And it was pretty cool.
Today, I work from home, blissfully writing my days away with my cat as my sidekick. Every now and then I make music – as ENERGIA, but also with my girl crew MUZE -, take photos on 35mm film or lose nights working on music videos. I live, breathe, and treasure multiple art forms with a relentless passion, from hip hop culture to visuals and more.”

“I believe that creative expression and experimentation have no boundaries. Although my main outlet (and career) is writing (, I also make music under the moniker ENERGIA and play around with analog photography, music video production, and creative direction. In terms of writing, I strive to create an intimate connection between me and the reader. My approach is quite blunt, with carefully selected words that aim to speak to your soul and spark emotion, thought, and introspection. I want my words to make you feel, whether it’s comfort, discomfort or anything in between. That’s why I’m The Word Hustler.”

What would be your message to young girls around the globe?

You are fierce. You are gorgeous. You are intelligent. You are strong. You are limitless. 
You have the ability to turn even your wildest dreams into reality, no matter what society says you can or cannot do. Embrace the unique qualities and talents you were blessed with and work with them to design a life in which you feel valued, respected, and fulfilled. Nothing can stop you if you put in the hard work, patience, and passion necessary to make your objectives come to life.
I believe in you. You can and will achieve greatness.

What social / political issues are the most important to you?

Mental health awareness holds an extremely special place in my heart. I currently live in Eastern Europe, where mental health is still very slowly transitioning from a stigma to an open topic that we can all share uplifting stories about without the fear of being judged. I do my best to share the ups and downs of my personal journey through my Instagram posts, with the hope that those undergoing similar struggles won’t feel alone in their ongoing battle.
I’m also a strong advocate of anti-bullying, education, and girl empowerment. I’m part of the only all-female rap group in Romania, MUZE, through which we aim to inspire girls to have the courage to express themselves even in male-dominated subcultures, all while supporting one another through sisterhood and unity. In addition, I represent Romania in the international hip hop project Call Me Femcee, which reunites female rappers from all around the world with the purpose of promoting women in the underground movement.

What keeps you sane in this insane world?

My unfailing optimism, passion for work and art, and my love for human beings. I always try to see the good that lies within every person, obstacle or failure. Even though I’m rather mentally and emotionally unstable, I continually remind myself that every challenge is a powerful lesson, experience, and opportunity for personal evolution.
On a global scale, I believe that individual betterment leads to collective change. If you focus your efforts on becoming a kinder person, spreading warm energy, and putting love and good intentions into whatever it is that you do, you will make a positive impact on the lives of all those who come into contact with you or your work. 
“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

In all honesty, I frequently struggle with self-esteem, anxiety, and future-oriented doubt. I’m always hopeful, ambitious, and optimistic, but every 2-3 months I have this pattern of falling into harsh depressive cycles that are really hard to get out of. However, with each cycle, I truly feel that I come out a stronger person than I was before, constantly learning from hardships and working them into life lessons that I can hopefully pass on through what I create.

What inspires you? 

People, hard work, visuals, energy, failures, lights, colors… the list could go on forever. I am inspired by everything I experience on all levels, and especially by the individuals who have been in my life or are a part of it to this day. My closest friends, MVD MVN and Franke, in particular, inspire me through their vision, art, and perspective on life every day. 


What makes you feel at home?

Love. I grew up moving around a lot (moved to another continent when I was 5, then continued from place to place once every 1-2 years), so I never associated the feeling of home with a specific house or city. The love I felt from and for my parents, pets, the friends I lived with or the partner I currently live with always made a place feel like home.

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