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Navina Khatib is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. She uses analogue filters, kaleidoscopes, transparent paper, tinfoil and multiple exposure techniques to create multicoloured landscape photography with a surreal pastel perspective. The main topic of her work is the transformation and dissolution of concreteness in order to create new horizons.


What would be your message to young girls around the globe?

Free yourself from expectations and love what you do. Trust your intuition. Creativity comes from creation; life is creation, creation through love.


Your favourite place you have visited?

Uyuni desert in Bolivia where most of my artwork comes from.


What keeps you sane in this insane world?

Pilates, music, fresh air, art & love.


What do you see as your biggest challenge?



Fun fact about you.

I love sweets too much.


Who is your role model / hero? Who do you look up to?

I look up to people who create without destroying. Hard working and humble people with a big heart. People who care and love and don’t take themselves too seriously.

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