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Merra is a 23 years old photographer from Argentina.
She studies film at college in La Plata.
She also makes videos and shoots on film most than anything and she does photography for fun with people she meet in real life.


“I definitely don’t like working with hegemonic models (I never did) because honestly I dont want to be part of it.
I’m looking forward to working with brands because I like fashion but I guess I’m still waiting for the right call ha!”


About this photo serie:
“I’ve been friends with Milo for two years and every time we can meet (because we live in different cities) I take photographs of him. We have so much fun and a great connection! Last year he started this Instagram called @gordes with a friend of him to give visibility to plus size bodies and talk about self love, gender, mental health and all kind of stuff.
I think it really meant an impact in the internet cause there’s a lot of fatphobia in Argentina but still everything counts. So I’m very proud of Gordes and the visibility it’s making. This summer we talked about doing a naked portrait session and a summer inspired one. Full of colours and SKIN. This photos are the result of all those ideas: show the imperfect perfections of not hegemonic bodies of all genders and give visibility to it because IT MATTERS. I consider myself part of the hegemonic figure so I try with my photography to araise awareness of this issues as respectfully as I can.”


Merra participated in some exhibitions in Buenos Aires and she has been featured in different media platforms: Fashion Grunge, Cherry Mag, Purr Mag, The merienda Zine, Close up Culture and Jawbreaker Mag.

If you want to follow their artwork on their social media channels 👇

Photographer: @zvldlz
Milo: @artsymamy
Film Developing @holarevelamosrollos

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Feminist Platform & Millenial Activism

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