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Paula Costantino is a photographer and art director from Buenos Aires based in Barcelona.
She graduated from IDEP, School of Photography, Fashion and Graphic Design, in Barcelona and participated in several exhibitions collaborating with different female artistic collectives. Her various concepts have got strong visual and conceptors related to women. She works in a photo studio where she connects with different creatives of all kind. Second field of her interest is art direction. She succeeded in advertising field with several projects. Nowdays, her challenge is to work creating new atmospheres turning what you can see into a new visual environment.


“My way of working is taking pictures in the studio and then doing a digital development”

What does feminism mean to you?

For me, being a feminist is a way of living in this world. And once dared by that feeling, it transforms us completely.


What would be your message to young people around the world?

Take minutes of the micro-consciousness of how important it is to be a woman and the responsibility and rights that we have. We make a difference, we take care of and we protect all of us, we are not alone.

What inspires you?

The fighters, my mother. It inspires me: the feminine consciousness of liberation of patriarchy, evolution, having bodies prepared for new lives, inspires me the wisdom of giving life.

What is the coolest application on your phone?

Instagram, where I connect with people.

What makes you feel at home?

The heat, the protected feeling to share my inner world.

If you had to send a work of art / human / invention to an intergalactic competition to represent the Earth, what would you choose?

I like to rethink elementary questions. A piece that contains the 4 elements (earth, fire, air, water) just with the soul of the human.

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Feminist Platform & Millenial Activism

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