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“My name is Alessandra Murayama Veit, (Alessandra is Italian, Murayama is Japanese and Veit is German, yes, a mix) I am born and raised in Sao Paulo – Brazil, but nowadays I live in Portugal with my husband. I am 24 years old and being part of the introverts group, which I always liked the art world, is that I can communicate without speaking much. I began to like the world of portraits in 2014 and nowadays study drawing. “

“I see myself constantly learning, I would say that my process is just experimenting.
Today I am living in my third country, I still can not say where I want to be, who I am, or what defines my job exactly. I just like to express myself, I don’t use any specific techniques, I just imagine something and try to reproduce. “



What does feminism / feminist mean to you?

In general, have the option to choose. Choosing where to go, what to wear, a job … without fear or being compared / diminished by it.


What would be your message to young women around the world?

Be who you want to be.


What keeps you sane in this insane world?

Maybe it’s insanity itself (?) It’s hard to say, but the biggest reason I like photography is to show the world how I want it. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes raw and ugly. Because it’s how I see life and people … everything has a million sides and is not always pleasant. We have bad days, we make mistakes, and life is not always what we want. But the “ugliness” of these negative points interests me a lot too.


How do you support other women in your field / in your life? How do you think we should?

In general I try to follow the work of female artists, not only in photography. I try to have more women as inspiration and try to exalt their work, whether they are close friends or not.
I think that this way, even through social media, we unite more the feminine artistic community.


Fun fact about you

I love my Instagram, I’m always very active and use it to show my work and my artistic aspirations. But I hate talking on the phone, whatsapp and phone calls … I even have communication problems with my family and friends sometimes, because I live outside my home country.


If you would like to send an art piece / human / invention to an intergalactic competition to represent Earth, what would you choose?

This is hard. Maybe Joel P. Witkin or/and @petrafcollins … I really like the proposal of their work, how they show this our enormous diversity as humans beings (at least visually).

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