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Born in the UK and currently living in Paris, Aude Nasr is half-western, half-middle-eastern babe investigating the paradoxes and subtleties of her own identity through a nonchalent practice of photography and spacial experiments.

“I’m a set designer having fun with analog photography. What amuses me at the moment is exploring the emotional charge of space, and the remains of our human memories, through colour, emptiness and light.”

How would your utopian future world look like?

I have few dreams for humanity, as i believe we hold in our nature the best and the worse, and the world will forever be a balance between beauty and infintite violence and shit. But i feel somehow we will unite (some of us at least), so we don’t fall into total desillusion – that is, i feel, a difficulty our generation is facing, in this globalised, weird world. 

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

Dealing with my own ghosts (depression and anxiety), while giving the best i can to the people i love, or simply the people i meet and feel for. For me, it is the same problematics with art : how do you communicate something positive through your work, when what you envision on a daily basis is mostly darkness? It is difficult to be both soft and hard, to open up to the outside world while protecting your intimate world. Photography is, to me, a way to communicate what can’t be said, and connect with the memories and past lives held by places, and by the people I love. In the end we humans are like snow, melting to leave a temporarily cold yet shiny mark. Like snow, or slugs, haha.

What inspires you?

People inspire me, with their intimate wounds, their ephemeral nature and emotionnal strength. We are all carrying both our memories and our hopes, trying to make sense out of them by doing whatever makes us feel comfortable or simply ok. How do we become who we are, how do we deal with our intimate loneliness ? I feel this in many artists work, this desire to connect with the idea that we are simply passing by. Inspiration comes to me when the sublime can communicate with the bottles nest.

If you would have to send an art piece/human/ invention to an intergalactic competition to represent Earth, what would you choose?

Mesopotamian ziggurats and an analogical synthetiser! Like “hey, look, this is how we dreamed you in the moonlight of our terrestrial existences”

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