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Annika Le Large grew up in South Germany, lived in London and moved to Berlin to study. She takes photos since she is a little girl, because her dad wanted to be a photographer, too.
During her studies she became interested in illustration and drawing.

“I worked as a photographer, but now I’m more into drawing. I still love analog photography when I’m travelling but I also love to watch drawing videos all day. I try to translate my thoughts into my illustrations. I love how you connect with people by showing your soul in your art.”

What would be your message to young girls around the globe?

Do not be to hard to yourself. You are at the beginning of a long journey. You have to make mistakes to learn from them. Fall in love with the wrong person, make the wrong decisions. This will all make you grow. It doesn’t matter in which direction you grow, as long as you grow.

What social / political issues are the most important to you?

Our society is giving us such a wrong image of happiness. You are not happy when you have a certain amount of things or follower. We have to learn to step back and get to know ourselves. We have to find these peaceful moments, to find out what we want. In a time where everything has to be fast and perfect, this is the challenge

What keeps you sane in this insane world?

Meditating, spending time with myself or the people I love. Also I love how people support my art. This shows me that you are not alone with your thoughts and your doubts.

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

I try to reflect all my actions to find out who I am. Why do I react in a certain situation in a certain way? Realizing that I can choose to be happy or to be upset. Life is a progress and I’m in the middle. I’m working on my positive mindset every day. That’s what I try to show in my illustrations. And if people tell me they make them happy, I am happy, too.

Fun fact about you

I hate it when people touch my legs. That’s the reason why I got a tattoo of a cactus on my right leg. Hope people will stop touching them now. 

Who is your role model / hero? Who do you look up to?

I don’t think I have a role model. But there are so many inspiring and talented artists and people on this planet. Sometimes you meet a stranger and you just feel his/her energy and you start to talk and you feel connected. Everyone can be a hero or a role model. We just have to be open minded

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