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Born in Italy, in 1987 Clotilde Petrosino is a freelance photographer and artist based in Rome,Italy. Since her first steps in photography world her main focus have been the human body. She works both with digital photography and film photography. Most of her projects aims to explore human identity issues and sexuality matters. Some of her works have been awarded at international competition and exhibited in London, Berlin and Spain. Currently Clotilde Petrosino is working on several projects focused on sexuality issues emotions and human body collaborating with artist and sculptors all over the world.

I’m a creative person and making art is not only a job but a way of life. A need. The series I’m sharing with you is “BOdy Parts”

“We are men we do have balls” This is something I’ve learned since I was a child. I’ve always been interested in playing with boys, instead of girls, I had a thing for swords and cars. Even photography have always been considered as a men job and several times in my life I’ve heard the phrase “It’s a man job, you can’t do it”. Even if times changes, sometimes when I feel a bit insecure that phrase comes up in my head. Through time I’ve started to answer to that voice in my head: “We are women we do have eggs”. And this has been the starting point and the idea behind this series. I wanted to play with female body and body parts through role play and mixing both female and male genitalia shapes. I’ve decided to partner with Veronica Meruzzi an artist who made several wax mold in order to be used as props on the scene. We wanted to represent in few pictures that creepy feel that resides in all the misbelieves and legends around vagina and women diversity. Such as Vagina dentata, Just to name one of the myths around female genitalia.”

What social / political issues are the most important to you and how would your utopian future world look like?

I truly believe in gender equality and every day I try to give a contribution to the change our society needs. It’s a very long and hard process but if everybody does something even if it’s small it will help a lot. It’s the same for Mental Health issues and violence. I imagine an utopian world in peace, without discrimination nor violence.

What keeps you sane in this insane world?

I think the only thing that have always kept me sane is my art. I’ve always created something since I was a child. And I will never stop doing it.

What does mean beauty for you?

Beauty is all around us. Beauty is in our lives, in ourselves, in every simple thing we see. But we never stop and look at the world in front of us. We’re always so busy, running and losing ourselves in our routines. We have no time to appreciate the life we have, the beauty we are.

What do you see as your biggest challenge?

Right now my biggest challenge is to express myself without fearing to be naked in front of my audience. Making art it’s not only making images but it means also being true to ourselves and having the strength and the courage to speak loud about what really matters. So I’m working on some long term projects  to make this happen. I’ve also planned a series of portraits of gay couples and I would like to have a chance through this interview to make a call to all the gay couples that would like to participate to my project. For now I’m searching for people in Rome, Italy. So if you are interested please, contact me.

Art Direction/Styling/Photography: Clotilde Petrosino
Models: Nina Orlandi and Tahnee Rodriguez Finger
Dental Props by Veronica Meruzzi


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