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Jolin Matraku is a 24 year old designer and illustrator living in Tirana, Albania. Passionate lover of books, art, movies and everything pretty. Extensive coffee drinker. She has been drawing her whole life, but really got into digital illustration when she was about 17. She had to work very hard to develop her personal style which she thinks she has today. She has been featured in many blogs and articles but what really makes her happy is when people write to her when they really relate with a piece of my work.

“All my illustrations are digital. I draw out the shapes and figures in Adobe Illustrator and than the coloring, shading and detailing on Adobe Photoshop. For my subjects I try to take reference from the everyday life and situations and than add a metaphor or fantasy detail to them.”

What do you think needs to be done for the feminist fight?

Being from a small country, I feel like the world is enormous and so diverse and everyone needs feminism in different ways. So everyone should bring feminism to their own close circle. Talk to your friends, your family, your colleagues about what empowers you and what doesn’t. Call out sexism in your community, try to educate people, be empathetic.
Act locally, think globally 🙂

What self-care rituals do you have?

First thing I do is: Adjust my way of thinking. For example when I am stressing out about something (mostly work) I breathe and think that there are more important things in my life and this specific problem should not drain my energy.
I treat myself to good food and especially good wine.
I take walks.
When I meet people, I like to be fully present and avoid all electronic devices.
I start every morning by doing something I like, watching an episode of a series, reading a book or taking a walk.
I try to have a ”blank space” on my day, where I just lay down and do nothing.
I take on personal projects just to do something my way and amp up my creativity.

What inspires you?

Absolutely everything, travelling, books, movies, music, other artists’ work, friends, being sad, being happy, being silly.

What would be your message to young girls around the globe?

Put yourself first and don’t be ashamed for it. Nobody should intimidate you from being the badass you are. Be vocal and blunt about what you want and be around people that add value to your life.
Also I feel like a good thing to do is to get deeply passionate about something and work towards your goals. Don’t expect to be great at first try, give it time. Don’t compare your progress to other people, to each his/her own 🙂

Who is your role model / hero? Who do you look up to?

In the creative business I look up to Jessica Walsh. Not only because she is great at what she does and a very successful boss lady. But also for her awesome social initiatives like ladieswinedesign.
Beyond that I just take inspiration from everyone around who does good work.

Film/Tv show recommendations

I watch too much TV shows these days I think so here it goes:
Dark, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Black Mirror, The good place, The crown, Glow, Stranger Things and many many more.
If you’re ever in need of a TV show just let me know 😀

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