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Originally from New Jersey, Tegwen Evans graduated from Berlin’s Neue Schule für Fotografie’s International Program in January 2018.


They have now collaborated with artists in Berlin’s club scene in a variety of projects such as portraiture, installation, performance art, and documenting designers’ works. As well as club-scene collaborations, he has also taken part in numerous group exhibitions in Leipzig as well as group and solo exhibitions in Berlin. They have participated in Leipzig’s Pilotenkueche International Residency Program, PictureBerlin’s International Photography Residency, and Berlin Art Institute’s Studio Program.

“I am an analog artist creating photo objects, short films, and installations tackling themes of gender, self-representation, mental health, and the relationship between participation and observation.”



How do you feel as an artist living in Berlin?

Being an artist in Berlin makes me feel intimidated, inspired, motivated, and free. It allows for me to embrace any identity I feel and experiment and collaborate with an incredible international community of artists.


What is your biggest inspiration?

This is a hard question, I would have to say the queer performance community in Berlin.
They push the boundaries of art, create visually time-sensitive pieces that require an active viewer, and ask questions that linger with me for days.


What keeps you sane in this insane world?



What do you think about binary system?

Push the boundaries, and also understand that it is powerful and impacts everyone.


What makes you feel at home?

Being surrounded by small objects I have collected through travels, and with people who accept me and push me.


Berlin Save the date – 14/02
Opening “Participant/Observation” their first solo exhibition. More info HERE.

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Feminist Platform & Millenial Activism

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